by Little Smoke

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A homage to Appalachia and the paths that end and begin in the River City. Recorded 2012-2014 in Richmond, VA. Mastered in polar vortex Chicago, IL.


released February 7, 2014

Recorded by Ian McQuary and Kenny Hamilton
Mixed by Ian McQuary, Kenny Hamilton
Mastered by Andrew Kieffer
Album Photo: Jossiah Bittenbender

Vocals/Guitar-Kenny Hamilton
Drums- Gene Stroman
Guitar- Andrew Kieffer
Keys- Kenny Hamilton and Andrew Kieffer
Bass- Ian McQuary
Bass- Derek Zuk

Special Thanks: Justin Kenney, Cellar Door, Chris Winchester, Choco Tacos, Tom Petty.



all rights reserved


Little Smoke Richmond, Virginia

Kenny Hamilton - Vocals / Guitar
Andrew Kieffer - Guitar
Ian McQuary -
Gene Stroman - Drums

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Track Name: Bandit
Why does holding back make you cringe?
past lives haunting every binge
stealing a part of everything you touch
living a lie with your bandit crutch

nothing comes back if you let go
there's peace in the status quo
reeling a part of everything touch
living a lie with your bandit crutch
hold it down talk too much
are you feeding the hunger pains
quid pro quo overgrown
when you're loosing the feeling
Track Name: Under the Gun
I was growing old
When you should have known better
I was in the wrong
A revelation of a weakness
But you should know that you
Are still glowing in the dawn

Wait until it shows
The gift of a good reason
I've been hiding all along
To sleep beside a priestess
And you should know that you
Have been glowing through the dawn

Wide awake
I found it in the morning storm
If my timing's late
Then I couldn't have asked for more
When the season had moved into the earth
When your house was turned back to a home
When you were getting old under the gun
Track Name: Reservations
Red and livid; guided by the north wind
Saints of nothing and the trouble they can bring
young and bloodless but I finally fixed my focus
they took a bat to my head so I told them everything

born to the month of may
you've been dreaming of a ghost
who was born from the belly of a Chinese snake
Maids in Waiting
when you were hissing through the dawn
born to breed with
then pretend you're all alone

if you're sinking
then you should row
dreaming of someone that's enough
Track Name: Dregs
with wandering eyes
you saw the days turn to nights
there's a rising tide
in the back of your mind
I've been trying not to think
I've been trying to fall asleep
there are certain things that make you weak
you were never meant to keep

afterwards it was back to the dregs
if you stray too long you'll be too far gone
you tried to call me when I was outside
Track Name: Rolling Through the Tundra
a fickle tired ghost

"my time will pass
lifted in the wind"

I was hoping you would stay
it keeps coming back to you

thats all I wanted to tell you
Track Name: I Should Have Told You
There's a trouble inside; it moved through the windows
I should have told you, I should have told you
I could have told you, I could have told you
of my plans and how you've never been a part of them
born today, born too late, born again, now I'm bored again

Your tongue lashed a lie when you were tied to the ceiling
there's a time to be alone, a time to be alone, do you kind of feel alone?
withered and gone away
"remember when?"
yeah I remember when